About American Milling Group ( AMG )

AMG is a global design engineering and equipment supply company providing a broad range of general industrial services, manufacturing and products in the United States and worldwide.

AMG provides with a full range of services necessary for continued operation, optimization and expansion.

AMG provides products and technology that represents the most technically advanced and cost-effective on the market today in order to meet our clients' present and future needs.

AMG combines a variety of services including engineering, design, project managment, manufacturing and contracting with complimentary product lines focusing in the milling industry , grain processing and materials handling and the environmental areas. This combination allows us to provide you the customer with a turnkey package or specific equipment and service.

We also specialize in replacement and modification of existing equipment and systems. Through the services of our engineering, project management, manufacturing and service group we can design new equipment or systems, provide manufacturing and installation thereby providing a turnkey package. We provide the highest quality service, manufacturing, products and personnel in the shortest time possible at competitive prices.

We incorporate our client-centered service philosophy into every aspect of the way we do business. Developing long-term relationships with every client is our ultimate goal.

It is our objective to be a part of your team. This we will accomplish through expertise and quality products delivered on time and on budget. By achieving this we hope to become the clear choice for all your needs.